Hotel Al Campanile

The Fortress of Angera

On a spur of rock overlooking the southern shore of Lake Maggiore, stands this magnificent fortress that belonged first to the Visconti family and today to the Borromeo family. Once you cross the threshold, you will be welcomed into the majestic historic rooms that also house an extraordinary collection of Majolica. You will pass through the five buildings, admiring paintings and furnishings in the rooms of the Good Roman, Mythology, Ceremonies, San Carlo and the Borromean Fasti. You can also visit the Doll and Toy Museum, the largest in Europe! Then go outdoors and walk in the Medieval Garden, full of symbolic meanings where, as the ancient masters explained, “medicinal plants coexist next to other ornamentals, cultivated according to precise rules and geometries, to recreate on earth the idea of the lost paradise”.