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Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso

The Hermitage of S. Caterina del Sasso is one of the most fascinating historical places on Lake Maggiore due to its particular position; in fact, it is perched on a rocky wall that overlooks directly overhanging on the Lake.

The real monastic complex dates back to 1300, although the most recent paintings are from the 1800s. The Hermitage consists of three buildings: the Southern Convent, the Convent and the Church. To the left of the latter, we find a 14th century bell tower.

The Hermitage of Santa Caterina was founded by a wealthy merchant, Alberto Besozzi, who found himself in the midst of a shipwreck entrusted himself to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, taking a vow of penance should he be saved. The merchant saved himself by clinging to rocks and there he retired, as promised, to be a hermit: in that place now stands the Hermitage.