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Alpinia Garden

The beautiful and renowned Alpinia Botanical Garden is located in the town of Alpino, a charming hamlet located between the municipalities of Stresa and Gignese. Thanks to its exceptional panorama, which ranges from the Borromean Gulf to the Swiss Alps chain, it became since the mid-nineteenth century a tourist destination for many European aristocrats and for artists who found here the inspiration for their works.

The Alpinia Botanical Garden was established during the Fascist period, in 1934, under the name of Duxia, by Igino Ambrosini and Giuseppe Rossi. This place is of considerable naturalistic interest for its vast and varied collection of botanical species from the Alpine and Subalpine Plan, from the Caucasus, China and Japan. Precious specimens of rare tree and shrub species, are the strong point of this botanical show, located at 800 meters above sea level.