Offers and Packages Lago Maggiore Italy

Illustrious guests who visited Lake Maggiore

Chosen since the 1600s by the noble family of Borromeo, who built their luxurious palaces on the island Bella and on the Isola Madre.

Since the eighteenth century, Lake Maggiore has become one of the favorite holiday destinations for the wealthiest Lombard families.

They built villas surrounded by large parks and, later, by the upper middle class European, who loved to spend long periods in its luxurious hotels.

They were joined by intellectuals, poets, cultured travelers, who made the Verbano one of the most exclusive holiday destinations on the continent.

Arturo Toscanini, George Bernard Shaw, Alessandro Manzoni, the Royals of England, Antonio Rosmini, Giovanni Verga and Gabriele D’Annunzio.

They were just some of the illustrious guests who visited and fell in love with the bewitching beauty of the Lake. Offers and Packages Lago Maggiore Italy.

Offers and Packages Lago Maggiore Italy

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