Island of the Fishermen

Isola dei Pescatori please! so began an English tourist at the end of the 19th century, when he decided to sail the lake accompanied by a boatman. Even now it is a popular destination for those who want to experience the cuisine of the lake and enter a world of their own.

The Isola dei Pescatori, also known as Superiore is the only one of the Borromean archipelago in Lake Maggiore to be permanently inhabited.

100 meters wide by 350 meters long, it houses a small village, with characteristic multi-storey houses with long balconies to dry fish. A small square, characteristic narrow alleys, the lakeside promenade and the main street to allow movements strictly on foot to the ISLAND OF FISHERMEN

The inhabited island

Inhabited for at least 700 years, the island has a parish dedicated to San Vittore and a belvedere with trees on the opposite side. Famous in Ferragosto is the procession of the statue of the patron saint of the archipelago on a boat around the islands, surrounded by numerous boats of tourists and inhabitants of the area.
High water

A phenomenon that occurs periodically (generally in autumn and spring) is that of high water. Following abundant rainfall, the level of the lake rises and the water invades the shore promenade until it touches the houses.

But the old houses show an architectural wisdom in their construction. Their thresholds are in fact always placed in the internal streets at levels higher than the shore, so the water does not enter the houses.
Church of San Vittore

Inside there are sixteenth-century frescoes and the seventeenth-century main altar with the busts of the four bishops – (St. Ambrose of Milan, St. Gaudentius of Novara, St. Francis of Sales and St. Charles Borromeo

Via Antonio Gramsci, 3, 28831 Baveno (VB) Lago Maggiore – Italy


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